The Jump

  THE cool breeze caressed her smooth face. She felt every molecule of air with her eyes closed. The wind danced around her, strands of her hair dancin along. Her body began to rock to and fro. Not only did she feel her heartbeat, she heared it as well. Its steady but hard beating drowned the shouts from below. Slowly, she raised her arms and opened them to the nothingness in front of her. Her mouth twisted to a smile. With a single step she hurled her body off the ledge.

The spectators screamed in horror when the girl went crashing onto the pavement with a sickening sound of breaking bones. A pool of blood welled from the limp body. The arms and legs were all in an awkward position. The girl’s face hugged the cold pavement, blood rolling from the open mouth.

And that was the end of pretty Kei.


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