The Rain

IT rained the whole day. The sky was thick with dark clouds and hay-wired by lightning. Some of the streets were flooded. People with no umbrellas scampered like scared mice seeking cover from the heavy downpour.

Anna walked hurriedly towards the overpass as the rain pounded on her umbrella. Her face was most with splashes from the rain. Her legs were wet. She felt cold despite her sweatshirt.

She ascended the overpass (that did not have a roof) and hurried for the other side across the street. Then something red dropped in front of her. It splattered on the wet concrete and mixed with the rainwater inches away from her feet. Blood? She wondered. A thick splatter hit her umbrella. She looked up and saw it. From the sky came a downpour of red. It splattered everywhere, making everything red. She held her hand out and it was immediately turned red by the red rain. She felt it – thick and smooth. Her nose caught the salty smell. It was blood! It was raining blood! Blood was everywhere. In the streets, the trees, the building, everywhere.

In the streets cars collided against each other; the drivers taken aback by the rain of blood. People were screaming. Sirens wailed. Panic was everywhere.

Anna stood frozen. Her shoes; her legs were red with blood. spots of blood hung on her clothes. Her face was moist with splashes of blood. The air was putrid with the smell of blood. She remained unmoving while the rain raged on. A rain of blood.



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