The Vandal

TODD chuckled as he uncapped the permanent marker.

“Oh boy, this would make a perfect mark on the wall,” he thought to himself, glancing at the smooth and clean surface of the cubicle’s wall. It would surely make the janitor freak out. He chuckled again and aimed the marker’s point at the wall as if it was a dart ready to hit the desired target.

Then, something dropped beside him. He turned and what he saw made him pee again. It was a woman in white hanging upside-down. The face was pallid and rotten and the eyes were burning red. The dried lips parted and released a horrific shriek that filled his ears.

“The hell are you doing?!” it blasted at him.

He tried to scream but nothing came out of his mouth. The ghost’s maniacal laughter was the last thing he heard before he lost consciousness.



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